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About us

Our Story

Our passion for working with wood goes back centuries. Throughout history, we have always been attracted to this element and naturally have created numerous wooden masterpieces. Besides the involvement of technology, not much has changed. We are very much proud of what we create here at Legno Italiano.

Like old times, all stages of the manufacturing process are controlled meticulously. Strong attention is paid to the precision matching of the tongue and groove to ensure the installation’s ease. All Veneers are carefully selected to ensure every single plank is free of knots.

Legno Italiano

Why Legno Italiano?

Clean Grade

Legno Italiano products do not come with knots, Mineral Streaks and Color variation. They are built with Prime Grade European White oak here in Italy. This minimalistic, yet opulent choice of wood flooring is now the favorite look of most design professionals and home builders.

Made in Italy

European Union has arguably the most comprehensive and firm mandates related to manufacturing home goods. These necessary regulations are placed to ensure the safety of the products made in the European Union. Legno Italiano holds The Indoor Air Comfort Gold Product Certification from Eurofins.

Tough Finish

Legno Italiano is significantly resistant to foot traffic. It uses layers of Super-Matte polyurethane protection. Legno Italiano comes with a 30-Year finish warranty.


Legno Italiano comes with an attached thin layer of CORK underlayment. Not only it muffles the sound of footsteps greatly but also it is a natural fire retardant. As a breathable material cork, it also acts against the stagnation of humidity. Win, Win and Win!

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